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New or Updated Features of TOMS: Overview

Welcome to the 2021–22 CAASPP and ELPAC TOMS User Guide. The chapter menu is on the left side of the screen, with the in-chapter sections listed on the right. The TOMS User Guide is accessible on a desktop web browser, tablet, or smartphone. The sections that follow describe some of the changes for the current CAASPP and ELPAC administrations.

If a printed copy of this manual is needed, printing may be accomplished by selecting the [Print This Guide] button on this page.

California Educator Reporting System

While the California Educator Reporting System (CERS) is not new for the 2021–22 test administration, it should be noted that this is the only reporting system being used during this current test administration, as ORS was retired in December 2020.

The Smarter Balanced Writing Extended Response results are now available in CERS.


The Security and Test Administration Incident Reporting System (STAIRS) has been updated to allow coordinators to report incidents in both remote testing and with second scoring for the CAA for ELA and Alternate ELPAC Operational Field Test.

SIS Vendor Credentialing—Lexile/Quantile Student Score Reports

LEA coordinators can use the SIS Vendor Credentialing screen to establish credentials for their SIS vendors or their parent or student portal vendors to access electronic SSRs and Lexile/Quantile Measures Reports (if the SIS vendor has configured the API specifications).

Student Score Data File

The Student Data Extract Report is now called the Student Score Data File. This report is available for both CAASPP and ELPAC as an EXCEL file. The CAASPP version of the Student Score Data File also will include the Lexile and Quantile scores.

Remote Testing

Remote testing is currently planned as an alternate means of summative testing for the spring summative assessments. Details regarding remote testing will be communicated to LEAs prior to January 2022. A chapter on setting up an LEA for remote testing will be published in this user guide at that time. Directions for test administrators and test examiners will be published in the Test Administration Manual for each testing program.

Remote testing is not available for any alternate assessments.

For testing the Initial ELPAC and Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments remotely, please view the Initial ELPAC Online Test Administration Manual or the Interim Assessment User Guide.

The California Department of Education grants permission to California public schools and LEAs to print and reproduce any parts of the TOMS User Guide to aid California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) and English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) test site coordinators, test administrators, and test examiners for training or using TOMS. No other person or agency is authorized to reproduce, print, or distribute any parts of this publication in any form or by any means or to store the information in any database or retrieval system.