Users: Overview

All users must be added to TOMS. Prior to any roles being assigned, the superintendent must complete the steps to create a TOMS account. Once the account has been created, the superintendent designates the LEA CAASPP coordinator and the LEA ELPAC coordinator. The superintendent may also designate other users as secondary coordinators. In addition, the Designate Users section allows the superintendent to add the LEA’s special education coordinator and technology coordinator as contacts.

Once designated, LEA coordinators have the primary responsibility for adding more TOMS users, including test site coordinator roles. Site coordinators, in turn, can add additional site-level users such as test administrators and test examiners.

To access the Users screen, select the [Users] navigation tab from the top navigation bar (figure 1).

Figure 1. [Users Navigation] Tab

Select a link below to access detailed information regarding each tab displayed on the User screen:

  • View & Edit—View or edit preexisting users
  • Add—Add new users individually
  • Upload—Add users via bulk upload
  • Designate Users (superintendents only)—Designate the LEA coordinators

For more information regarding the superintendent role, select the link below: