Test Administrations for ELPAC: Overview

Unlike the CAASPP, the ELPAC has a fixed statewide testing window. Because LEAs are unable to alter the ELPAC testing windows, the test administrations will be view only.

Use the [Admin Calendar] tab on the LEA Test Administrations screen to view a list of administration calendars for test administrations that are associated with the LEA for the ELPAC.

To view the ELPAC test administration:

  1. Select LEA to View Test Administration—Select the LEA for which to view the administration calendar.
  2. LEA Test Administration(s)—ELPAC Admin Calendar—View the instructional calendar start date and the instructional calendar end date in the Administrations Table on the View and Set Up Administrations screen. Select the [View Summary] link to view the summary information for the corresponding administration.
  3. ELPAC Administration Calendar Summary—View the summary information for the ELPAC administration.
  1. Select LEA to View Test Administration

    This field is preselected; it is preset to the LEA with which the user is associated. Select the LEA from the Organization drop-down list (figure 1).

    • Select the [VIEW] button to move to the View & Set Up Administrations for 2022–23 screen to work with a list of CAASPP administration calendars.
    • Select the [CLEAR] button to remove a selected organization from the Organization field.

      Figure 1. Select LEA to View Administration

  2. LEA Test Administration(s)—ELPAC Admin Calendar

    Use the [Admin Calendar] tab in the LEA Administration Profile screen (figure 2) to view the administration calendar for the ELPAC test administration.

    Select the [View Summary] link in the Admin Calendar Summary column to view the administration calendar summary for the corresponding test administration. This action takes the user to the Admin Calendar Summary screen.

    Figure 2. Administrations Table—ELPAC

  3. ELPAC Administration Calendar Summary

    The Test Window Summary table for the Initial ELPAC includes important information about the start and end dates for the testing windows, the primary order cutoff dates, and the supplemental order cutoff dates.

    • Use the Admin Calendar Summary screens (figure 3 and figure 4) to view the test administration calendar summary for the Initial ELPAC, Summative ELPAC, Initial Alternate ELPAC, and the Summative Alternate ELPAC.
      • For each test, the test administration calendar summary is displayed on a separate tab.
      • Select the [Admin Table] button to return to the Administrations table.

    Figure 3. Administration Calendar Summary (Initial ELPAC)

    Administration Calendar Summary (Initial Alternate ELPAC)

    Figure 4. Administration Calendar Summary (Initial Alternate ELPAC).

    Table 1 describes the fields displayed on the Calendar Summary screen for the ELPAC.

    Table 1. ELPAC Calendar Summary

    Name Description
    Admin The name of the administration is displayed under the LEA name in the top right portion of the screen.
    Instructional Dates The instructional start date and the instructional end date for the school administration year are displayed under the administration.
    Testing Window Summary

    Date Type—The name of the type of date

    • Available Test Window Dates—Dates that an LEA may use for testing
    • Primary Order Cutoff Date—Date range for during which the primary order may be placed
    • Supplemental Order Cutoff Date—Date range during which the supplemental order may be placed
    RSVP Material Return Date For each test administration, this section displays the dates the materials (Answer Books) are due back to ETS. This is applicable only for the Initial ELPAC.