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New or Updated Features of TOMS: Overview

Welcome to the 2020–2021 TOMS User Guide. This year's guide is web based—rather than in PDF format—which will allow for it to be updated throughout the year. The chapter menu is on the left side of the screen, with the in-chapter sections listed on the right. The new User Guide is accessible on a desktop web browser, tablet, or smartphone. The sections that follow describe some of the changes.

New “Welcome to TOMS”

Users select the appropriate user role and test administration year when prompted. TOMS will automatically filter information on the basis of the role and administration year. Any updates or changes to student, user, or organization information will be based on the role and test administration year.

A pull-down menu in the top right corner of the Welcome to TOMS screen allows a user who has other assigned roles in TOMS to change roles while still logged on to TOMS. The user may select a different role, and TOMS will now operate on the basis of the newly selected role.

The first time a user logs on to TOMS, the user is required to complete all security agreements and security affidavits for all assigned roles.

MyTOMS Home Page

Users will find additional widgets on the MyTOMS home page that are displayed on the basis of the user’s role. The CAASPP page for the LEA coordinator and site coordinators provides details regarding testing windows for the Smarter Balanced ELA and mathematics as well as the CAST, the CAA for ELA and mathematics, the CAA for Science, and the CSA. Test statuses for the same assessments also are displayed. Information is provided on the score reporting status.

Information about testing windows, orders placed for materials, and the test status for the Initial ELPAC and the Summative ELPAC are also available to the ELPAC LEA coordinator and site coordinators. A widget will be displayed, showing the score reporting status for both assessments.

Coordinators for all assessments will have widgets for student demographics and other testing information. Each home page contains a to-do list to remind coordinators of tasks that need to be completed.


LEA coordinators are now able to delete STAIRS cases that are in draft status. When a coordinator saves a STAIRS case as a draft, a notification will appear on the MyTOMS home page.

This year, CalTAC and the CDE will be able to issue a partial approval of a STAIRS case. If a STAIRS case is submitted with multiple SSIDs, the approval can be completed for some or all of the SSIDs.

SIS Vendor Credentialing

LEAs will continue to create credentials to be entered into the LEA SIS for the delivery of electronic SSRs. The credentials will now last for 365 days before needing to be recreated.

Local Scoring Tool

The Local Scoring Tool is no longer a functional part of TOMS, and it has been removed from the TOMS navigation. For Initial and Summative ELPAC assessments completed using paper and pencil, test examiners will use the Data Entry Interface (DEI)  and the Teach Hand Scoring System (THSS) to enter responses and scores.

Test Operations Management System (TOMS) User Guide First Edition August 20

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