Correcting DEI Entries

If a student’s score or response has been entered incorrectly and submitted in the DEI or if an irregularity occurred and the test examiner must retest the student, the user will need to request to have the DEI for the test reopened or reset by entering an incident in STAIRS. The LEA ELPAC coordinator or site ELPAC coordinator is responsible for entering incidents in STAIRS.

For the Initial ELPAC, the STAIRS incident must be completed in TOMS, and the testing issue, “The test examiner made an error when entering information into the Data Entry Interface, or the test delivery system (in the student interface) (Data Entry Issue),” should be selected. The LEA ELPAC coordinator or the site ELPAC coordinator can then choose between the following options, depending on the situation:

  • Reopen the test in the DEI if only one or a few of the student’s scores or responses need to be corrected and resubmitted.
  • Reset the test in the DEI if
    • all of the student’s scores or responses need to be reentered in the DEI (Note, however, that this option will remove all of the previously entered scores or responses.);
    • the test examiner did not enter the scores for the Speaking domain in the DEI in real time and cannot determine scores from voice-capture; or
    • the scores or responses entered in the DEI belonged to a different student and the entries in the DEI are either completed or yet to be completed.

Once the test has been reset or reopened, the user can log on to the DEI, correct the score(s) or response(s) that were entered incorrectly, and submit the test.

For complete instructions on submitting an incident form in STAIRS, please refer to the CAASPP and ELPAC Security Incidents and Appeals Procedure Guide.