Initial ELPAC Student Eligibility and Assessment Participation

Participation Requirements

All students in Kindergarten through grade twelve, ages three through twenty-one, whose primary language is a language other than English, as indicated on their HLS, must take the Initial ELPAC to determine whether they are EL students. Per ELPAC regulations, this must be done within 30 calendar days after they are first enrolled in a California public school or 60 calendar days prior to instruction, but not before July 1. To administer the computer-based Initial ELPAC, all eligible students must have an SSID created in CALPADS with an ELAS of TBD.

Additionally, a student must log on to all four domains to be counted as tested and meet participation requirements. Subsequently, an SSR will be produced for the student.

Accessibility Resources

The computer-based platform of the Initial ELPAC provide students with a variety of innovative universal tools that are embedded in the test delivery system, as well as designated supports and accommodations to support all students, including those with special assessment needs. To assist ELPAC users in implementing these accessibility resources, the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California Accessibility Resources for Operational Testing document is available. Additionally, the California Assessment Accessibility Resources Matrix lists the universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations available for ELPAC students. The California Assessment Accessibility Resources Matrix should be used in conjunction with the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California Accessibility Resources for Operational Testing web document.

In addition, unlisted resources, which are non-embedded supports that may be provided if specified in an eligible student’s IEP or Section 504 plan, can be requested. Use will be granted only upon approval by the CDE. However, if the unlisted resource changes the construct of the test, the student will be given the lowest obtainable scale score for the domain in which the unlisted resource was used.

Requests for unlisted resources may be submitted in TOMS via the [Students] navigation tab, [View & Edit] action tab, View & Edit Students screen, and then the [Unlisted Resources] tab.

Additional accessibility resources are available on the ELPAC Accessibility Resources web page as well as on the CDE ELPAC web page.