Training Resources

Moodle Training Site

All LEA ELPAC coordinators, site ELPAC coordinators, TEs, and school administrative staff who will be involved in the Initial ELPAC administration should complete a virtual training prior to administering and scoring the Initial ELPAC through the Moodle Training Site.

The LEA ELPAC coordinator and site ELPAC coordinator are responsible for ensuring all appropriate trainings have been completed. Such training should include, but not be limited to, training on administration and scoring, item security, and professional conduct associated with the administration of standardized assessments.

LEA Verification of Training

Statewide training is mandatory. All LEA ELPAC coordinators, new and experienced, will be expected to verify that this training requirement is met. LEA ELPAC coordinators will need to log on to the ELPAC Administration and Scoring Training site and verify that at least one person who is currently active has completed the Initial ELPAC LEA Certification course. Completing the 2020–21, 2021–22, or 2022–‍23 Initial ELPAC LEA Certification meets this requirement. The LEA coordinator must do one of the following:

  1. Check the Active box next to each staff person who is still active and in the current ELPAC role. If the ELPAC coordinator or designee is not listed as having completed the LEA Certification for the Initial ELPAC, decide who will be completing the Initial ELPAC LEA Certification in Moodle, and have that person complete the training by the deadline.
  2. If you have an MOU in place with another LEA to provide testing, please email a copy to SCOE at indicating the trained LEA.

TE Training and Calibration

The LEA ELPAC coordinator, or the LEA ELPAC coordinator’s designee, is responsible for overseeing TEs’ calibration progress and completion. For the Initial ELPAC, both new and experienced TEs must calibrate annually and will be emailed a certificate of completion upon successful completion of calibration, which should be emailed to their coordinator. The Test Examiner Training and Calibration course has been newly updated and is divided into sections specific to grade levels and grade spans. Returning TEs need only to calibrate for Speaking and Writing items in the grade levels and grade spans they are administering and scoring.

Moodle Training Site

The computer-based Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring Training resources are available in the Moodle Training Site. Using the Moodle Training Site requires ELPAC trainers, LEA ELPAC coordinators, and TEs to set up individual accounts. Access to the LEA Certification, trainer’s resources, examiner’s resources, or downloads, requires enrollment keys. The LEA ELPAC coordinator is the only person with access to the enrollment keys and is responsible for distributing the keys to the appropriate LEA staff.

Videos are also available on the Moodle Training Site. These training videos help LEA ELPAC coordinators, site ELPAC coordinators, and ELPAC TEs become familiar with the necessary requirements for a successful Initial ELPAC administration.

Videos and Quick Reference Guides

The Videos and Quick Reference Guides web page provides step-by-step instructions for how to accomplish a task or activity for the ELPAC. These instructions come in either PDF or video format.

Practice and Training Tests

Online practice and training tests are available for the Summative ELPAC.


The online ELPAC practice and training tests allow students, parents/guardians, families, teachers, administrators, and others an opportunity to become familiar with the online test delivery platform as well as the types of test questions that may appear on the actual test at each grade level or grade span.

The practice test includes examples of all the types of test questions that may appear in the actual test at each grade level or grade span and mirrors a full-length Summative ELPAC operational test. The training test is shorter compared to the practice test and includes some sample test questions for each domain.

The practice and training tests are available for kindergarten, grade one, grade two, grade span three through five, grade span six through eight, grade span nine and ten, and grade span eleven and twelve.

The following resources are available on the Practice and Training Test Resources web page on the ELPAC website:

  • Practice test DFAs for each grade level and grade span
  • K–2 practice test Writing Answer Books
  • Training test DFAs representing each grade level and grade span
  • K–2 training test Writing Answer Books
  • Practice test scoring guides for each grade level and grade span

Public Access

The practice and training tests can be accessed and used as a “guest” without logon credentials and without using a supported web browser. The practice and training tests do not require use of the secure browser, but some accessibility resources, such as print-on-demand, are only available through the secure browser. Braille (that is, refreshable or embossed), where available, can be accessed using a web browser.

Secure Access

If users want to access the practice and training tests as a TE—required if they want to administer a practice or training test that uses the print-on-demand resource—a logon will be required. TEs can contact their site ELPAC coordinator for logon credentials if needed.