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About This Manual

This 2023–24 Initial ELPAC Online Test Administration Manual provides information and instructions about test preparation and in-person and remote administration of the computer-based Initial ELPAC, as well as the PPT for the Writing domain for students in K–2. The intended users of this manual are staff who play a role in the administration of the Initial ELPAC, including LEA ELPAC coordinators, site ELPAC coordinators, ELPAC TEs, and proctors.

Additional information and instructions about the Initial ELPAC PPT for all domains have been added to this manual. Use these sections to become familiar with the general rules for the PPT, how to prepare for the assessment, and what students will experience when participating in the assessment. TEs should become familiar with this section well in advance of the test administration date to make sure that materials for distribution to students are prepared and made available prior to the administration of the test.

For specific questions related to test administration not addressed in this manual, navigate to the California Outreach web page. For ELPAC policy questions, the LEA ELPAC coordinator should contact the CDE by email at elpac@cde.ca.gov.