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Support for the ELPAC

The ELPAC website is the home for all ELPAC assessments.

For questions regarding the computer-based testing system or for additional assistance:

  • LEA ELPAC coordinators should contact CalTAC, by phone at 800-955-2954, by email at, or by using the chat function linked on the ELPAC website.
  • Site ELPAC coordinators and LST correspondence administrators should contact their LEA ELPAC coordinator.
  • Test examiners, LST data entry, and other school personnel should contact their site ELPAC coordinator.

CalTAC is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. During these hours, staff will respond promptly to calls.

When contacting CalTAC, provide the representative with as much detail as possible about the issue(s) encountered and the system on which it occurred, including the following:

  • type of device being used for the test;
  • any error messages that appeared (code and description);
  • operating system and browser (web browser or secure browser) information;
  • network configuration information;
  • the coordinator’s contact information for follow-up, including an email address and phone number;
  • test session ID; and
  • any relevant and authorized student and school information, including SSID, grade level, and domain.

CalTAC may be contacted by LEA ELPAC coordinators for situations and questions that include the following:

  1. The testing environment is down or unavailable.
  2. User accounts are not available, or users are not able to administer tests.
  3. Student information is incorrect or missing.
  4. There is difficulty when loading student test settings into TOMS.
  5. There are questions about or help is needed with STAIRS or Appeals functionality.
  6. Help is needed preparing for computer-based testing—downloading the secure browser, etc.
  7. Tests are incorrectly showing as available when students log on to begin testing.
  8. Password resets are needed for LEA users.
  9. Student test settings are not presenting as intended.
  10. Help is needed with ordering and returning kindergarten through grade two Writing domain Answer Books.
  11. There are questions about an LEA’s participation in Rotating Score Validation Process (RSVP).
  12. There are questions about or help is needed with returning of kindergarten through grade two Writing domain Answer Books for the LEAs participating in the RSVP.
  13. There are questions about delivery of Pre-ID labels for kindergarten through grade two students for LEAs participating in the RSVP.

The CDE English Language Proficiency and Spanish Assessments (ELPSA) office is available for assistance with questions related to the ELPAC program policy requirements. For ELPAC policy questions, the LEA ELPAC coordinator should contact the ELPSA office, by email at