What’s New for the Initial ELPAC in 2022–23?


  • The Speaking domain logon instructions in the DFAs have been placed before the start of the Speaking test.
  • The Speaking domain practice question has been revised in both the DFAs and the TDS, to ask the student about the student’s favorite food.
  • The Speaking domain instructions in the DFAs have been rearranged so that the anchor chart comes after the item for each task type.
  • All DFAs now include domain-specific page banners on the even pages.


Test Assignment

  • LEAs must assign the Initial Alternate ELPAC test assignment in TOMS for students who have been determined to take an alternate assessment. LEAs will no longer use locally determined alternate assessments.
  • A student cannot be assigned to take some domains of the Initial ELPAC and combine it with the Initial Alternate ELPAC.
  • A student who is administered the Initial ELPAC will be automatically assigned to the Summative ELPAC, if classified as an English Learner. LEAs can change the test assignment to Summative Alternate ELPAC if stated in the IEP at a later time.

STAIRS and Appeals

The CAASPP and ELPAC Security Incidents and Appeals Procedure Guide describes the STAIRS process for both CAASPP and the ELPAC:

  • If a student started testing in an assessment (e.g., Initial ELPAC) and needs to switch to the other assessment (e.g., Initial Alternate ELPAC), the LEA ELPAC coordinator must file a STAIRS case to remove the tests started in the first assessment.
  • If the stopping marker instructions in the DFA were not followed and the test was ended prematurely, a Re-open Appeal can now be submitted.

LEA Reports

  • The Student Completion Status Report and Student Completion Status Summary Report now include the DEI entry information for the Speaking (kindergarten through grade twelve), Writing (K–2), and PPT domains.
    • LEAs will be able to determine whether students were administered the Speaking domain and whether scores were entered into the DEI.
    • The report will include the status of scores entered into the DEI for K–2 Writing Answer Books that have been locally scored.
    • The report will show the testing status as “completed” for the PPT domain responses and scores that have been entered into the DEI.
    • The report will continue to include testing status for the Listening, Reading, and Writing domains completed in the TDS.

Student Profile Reporting Screen

  • Some of the text on the SSR has been updated. Refer to the ELPAC Sample Student Score Report web page.
  • Korean is a new SSR language available for the 2022–23 Initial ELPAC.
  • Ordering of video SSRs will be available beginning July 5 to October 31, 2022. Refer to the Fee-based Services web page for details.

Test Administration and Scoring Applications


  • The test expiration rules for all domains taken in TDS will expire after 30 calendar days from the day it is first accessed.
  • For grades three through twelve Listening, Reading, and Writing domains, the stopping marker screens in the TDS have been removed, but the [End Test] button is still available if the TE notices that the student cannot continue testing at the stopping marker.

Data Entry Interface

  • LEAs must complete DEI entry of scores for Speaking (kindergarten through grade twelve) and Writing (K–2) and submit the tests, including any Reset or Re-open Appeals, for all students in the LEA by the end of the testing window (June 30, 2023).
  • LEAs must submit STAIRS cases, including any Reset or Re-open Appeals, far in advance of the end of the testing window to ensure cases can be processed and students retested.


  • LEAs must complete scoring in the THSS for Writing (grades three through twelve) and submit the tests, including any Rescore Appeals, for all students in the LEA by the end of the testing window (June 30, 2023).

Test Administrator Interface

  • The TE must select the In Person radio button for in-person testing or the Remote or Hybrid button if testing remotely.


  • LEA ELPAC coordinators who completed the Initial ELPAC LEA Certification course during the 2020–21 or 2021–22 school year do not have to complete certification again for 2022–23.
  • All LEA ELPAC coordinators, new and experienced, will be expected to log on to the ELPAC Administration and Scoring Training website to report and verify that their training requirement has been met. New LEA ELPAC coordinators must complete the LEA Certification course. It is recommended that experienced LEA ELPAC coordinators view the new videos.