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Support for the CAASPP Assessments

The CAASPP website is the home for all CAASPP System assessments.

For questions regarding the computer-based testing system or for additional assistance:

  • LEA CAASPP coordinators should contact their LEA Success Agent, preferably by email. LEA CAASPP coordinators can also contact CalTAC by phone at 800-955-2954 with basic questions.
  • CAASPP test site coordinators should contact their LEA CAASPP coordinator.
  • Test administrators, test examiners, and other school personnel should contact their CAASPP test site coordinator.

When contacting an LEA Success Agent, always provide the representative with as much detail as possible about the issue(s) encountered and the system on which it occurred, including the following:

  • the type of device being used for the test;
  • any error messages that appeared (code and description);
  • operating system and browser (web browser or secure browser) information;
  • network configuration information;
  • contact information for follow-up, including an email address and phone number;
  • the test session ID; and
  • any relevant and authorized student and school information, including SSID, grade level, content area, and PT or CAT (also known as a non-PT test).