What’s New in the CAASPP System in 2022⁠–⁠23

CAASPP System of Assessments

All Assessments

  • CARS, the Crisis Alert Response System, sends an email alert to a primary LEA coordinator and superintendent when a student’s action or response during testing causes concern. CARS incidents are tracked and maintained in TOMS.

General Assessments

  • The Test Administrator Tutorial is posted on the CAASPP Test Administrator Tutorial web page directly on the CAASPP website, so no logon information is required. This public offering does not allow for tracking of course completion. LEA CAASPP coordinators can use the Test Administration Tutorial course in Moodle if they want the ability to track staff completion of the course.
  • Instructions and scripts for the administration of the Smarter Balanced and the CAST as well as the CSA are also available as separate PDFs. These are available in the associated scripts chapters in this manual or the CAASPP Directions for Administration, Preparing for Administration, and Scripts of Summative Assessments web page.

Alternate Assessments

  • The CAA for Science testing window opened on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.
  • Second scoring of rubric-scored items on the CAA for ELA is required of some of the schools assigned to Form 2, rather than the entire LEA. Second scoring assignments can be verified on the CAA for ELA Second Scoring Assignments web page.
  • Nonsecure information from the CAAs for ELA and mathematics and CAA for Science DFAs has been moved into PFAs. The PFA for ELA and Mathematics and PFA for Science are available on the CAASPP California Alternate Assessments (CAAs) web page.

Test Administration Applications

Test Administrator Interface

  • A TA can add students at different test sites to a single test session as long as the TA is assigned an appropriate user role at each test site and students who are testing are supervised appropriately.

Accessibility Resources

  • The Braille HAT option is available for mathematics assessments, which, in California, use the adjusted, shortened-form blueprints.
  • Color contrast now offers the following new options:
    • Yellow font on a black background
    • Red font on a white background
    • White font on a red background
  • Text-to-speech in Spanish for mathematics items is now available as an embedded designated support within the TDS for Smarter Balanced for Mathematics assessments. Students who require this designated support should have the text-to-speech, translations (Spanish stacked–dual language), and translated test directions resources assigned to them in TOMS.
  • Spell check is now available for Smarter Balanced for Mathematics items with open-ended student responses.
  • For the CAST, students in grade eight or high school who are using the Spanish stacked–dual language translation now access a Spanish version of the periodic table.
  • The printable periodic table of the elements is available in Spanish.
  • For the CAST, an equation on the high school reference sheet, work equation W = Fd, was updated.


  • An additional language option for SSRs, Korean, is now available.

Technical Specifications

Refer to the CAASPP and ELPAC Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for Online Testing for information about the updated secure browser and operating system versions required for testing in the 2022–23 CAASPP administration.