Test Administration Options

CAASPP General Assessments

It is recommended that the LEA offer the following two test administration options to meet the needs of the families the LEA serves:

  1. In-person administration
  2. Remote administration

LEAs may use a combination of administration options. However, the administration style should not change during test administration. When a student starts a test or segment through remote administration, the student should complete it remotely unless no other option is available.

In-Person Administration

An LEA should implement in-person administration as the primary method of conducting the assessment. The LEA should follow county and local health and safety guidelines for in-person administrations.

PPTs are available during in-person administration for students who have an IEP or Section 504 plan requiring a PPT version of the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, CAST, or both.

Remote Administration

Remote administration of CAASPP general assessments is available only for students receiving remote instruction or in the event that local health restrictions make in-person administration not viable.

An LEA should offer a remote administration alternative for students whose parents/‌guardians express concerns about the in-person administration or in the event that local health restrictions make in-person administration unworkable.

California Alternate Assessments

The CDE requires that the CAAs for ELA, mathematics, and science be administered in person because the physical presence of the TE is critical in providing for a valid test administration. If it is unsafe to test a student in person, the student should not be tested.