Administration Information for the CSA

Overview of the Assessment

The CSA is an online, nonadaptive, summative, grade-level assessment for students in grades three through eight and high school who are seeking a measure that recognizes their Spanish reading, writing mechanics, and listening skills. The CSA is an optional assessment.

The CSA is aligned to the CCSS en Español, which were developed as a joint effort between the San Diego County Office of Education, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and the CDE. The CCSS en Español are a translated and linguistically augmented version of the English-language CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy.

Tests were developed for each grade level from three through eight and one test for all high school grade levels.

Testing Window

The CSA can be administered between January 11, 2022, or 66 percent of the LEA’s instructional days, whichever is later, and the final day of the LEA’s instructional calendar or July 15, 2022, whichever comes first.

Student Survey

The CSA includes a student survey at the beginning of the assessment. The student survey comprises the first three questions on each assessment asking student-specific demographic questions. The test administrator should guide students through this survey, as accuracy is paramount.

Survey data will be analyzed and summarized once all CAASPP testing windows have closed.


Each grade-level test will present the following three demographic-related questions regarding the student at the beginning of each test form. For the first survey question, students should indicate whether or not they received instruction in Spanish, inclusive of content area courses, in the previous school year.

  1. Did you receive instruction in Spanish in the current school year ? ¿ Recibiste educación en español durante el presente año escolar ?
    • Yes (Sí)
    • No (No)
  2. Which program were you enrolled in? ¿En qué tipo de programa escolar estuviste matriculado/inscrito?
    • One-Way Immersion (Inmersión únicamente para hablantes de español)
    • Dual-Language Immersion (Inmersión para hablantes de español y de inglés)
    • Developmental Bilingual (Programas de desarrollo del idioma)
    • Heritage Language or Indigenous Language (Programas para hispanohablantes [hablantes de español])
    • Spanish as a foreign language (i.e., Spanish I, Spanish II, etc.) (Español como lengua extranjera [es decir, Español I, Español II, etc.])
    • None of the above (Ninguno de los anteriores)
  3. What percentage of your school day instruction was provided in Spanish? ¿Qué porcentaje de tu educación diaria recibíste en español?
    • 0–25%
    • 26–50%
    • 51–75%
    • 76–100%

Test administrators are responsible for knowing this information about the students in their test session prior to administering the assessment so they can guide students to input the appropriate responses for the questions at the time of testing.


Test Administrator Materials

Directions for CSA administration, including instructions on approving tests and the script that must be read prior to test administration, can be found in Scripts for Administering the California Spanish Assessment. These instructions are in Spanish and should be used when administering the CSA only. Using these instructions to administer a different assessment is a test security incident and must be reported in STAIRS.

Student Accessibility Resources

The complete list of embedded and non-embedded universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations available for the CSA are listed in the CDE California Assessment Accessibility Resources Matrix.

Tests will include embedded and non-embedded universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations.

Practice and Training Tests

Practice and training tests for the CSA are linked on the CAASPP Practice and Training Tests Portal web page. Practice tests can be accessed either through the secure browser or through a standard internet browser. There is one practice test for each of grades three through eight and one for all high school grade levels.

Scoring guides in English and Spanish are available on the Online Practice Test Scoring Guides and Directions for Administration (DFAs) web page.

User Responsibilities

Table 1 shows the tasks CAASPP users perform for the CSA:

Table 1. User Role Participation in the CSA

Role Task
LEA CAASPP coordinator
  • Create the users at schools who will be involved in the CSA
  • Set up test administrations
  • Assign student designated supports, accommodations, or unlisted resources
  • Assign students to take the CSA
  • Provide training to CAASPP test site coordinators
  • Watch the operational CSA training video
CAASPP test site coordinator
  • Work with the CALPADS coordinator to ensure that students are in the correct grades
  • Assign student designated supports, accommodations, or unlisted resources
  • Designate test administrators
  • Assign students to take the CSA
  • Participate in training provided by the LEA
  • Provide training to test administrators
Test administrator
  • Participate in training provided by the LEA
  • Review the demographic survey questions
  • Guide students through the demographic survey questions
  • Administer the CSA