Accessibility Resources

Accessibility resources are features or supports that are part of the assessment and are provided either as digitally delivered components of the secure browser (embedded supports) or separately from the secure browser (non-embedded supports). Accessibility resources allow students to participate in an assessment that results in a fair and accurate estimate of each student’s achievement.

Universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations are available for the CAASPP content-area assessments. Students may use the embedded universal tools within the test delivery system, but also have the option to use non-embedded universal tools. Accommodations and designated supports for the CAASPP must be assigned as test settings in TOMS. Use of accommodations and designated supports does not change the construct of the test.

In addition, unlisted resources are non-embedded supports that may be provided if specified in an IEP or Section 504 plan for an eligible student and if the unlisted resource does not change the construct of what is being measured. Use of an unlisted resource must first be approved for a student by the CDE before being assigned in TOMS.

Accessibility resources for students in the form of universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations are described fully in the CAASPP and ELPAC Accessibility Guide for Online Testing. Refer also to appendix F, which contains descriptions of the multiplication table and 100s number table, as well a list of available web documents, pages, and videos to assist in understanding, assigning, and using accessibility resources during CAASPP testing.