Appendix B: Scheduling Online Testing

Number of Devices and Hours Required to Complete Online Tests

It is recommended that schools arrange their resources to accommodate the number of students who will be testing at the same time for ease of test administration. The Sample Test Scheduling Worksheet in this appendix shows how to estimate the number of testing hours needed to administer one testing opportunity.

Sample Test Scheduling Worksheet

For each school, enter the information presented in table 1 for each online test:

Table 1. Scheduling Worksheet

Number Result
Number of devices available for testing at once: [number]
Number of students who need to take the test: [number]
Number of test administrators and test examiners who need a device: [number]
Estimated number of hours needed per student to complete the test: (This estimate should include approximately 15 minutes for students to get set up and logged on as well as the average estimated time to complete the test.) [number]
Number of hours that must be scheduled to administer the test: [(students) × hours ÷ devices =] [number]


  • School A has a total of 60 student devices available for testing at once.
  • One hundred twenty students in grade five will need to take the mathematics assessment.
  • Number of hours needed to administer test is 120 students × 1 hour per student ÷ 60 devices = 2 hours (plus 15 minutes for setup).