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Manual Content

This manual provides information about system requirements and network, hardware, and secure browser configurations for running various testing applications used by test administrators, test examiners, and students in computer-based, in-person CAASPP and ELPAC testing.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for the following audiences at a school or other test site:

  • Technology coordinators who are responsible for configuring the hardware, software, and network in a school’s online testing environment and are familiar with the following concepts:
    • Networking—Bandwidth, firewalls, allowlisting, and proxy servers
    • Configuring operating systems—Control Panel in Windows, System Preferences in macOS, Settings in iPadOS, and the Linux command line
    • Installing software—Downloading installation packages from the internet or from a network location and installing software onto desktop or laptop computers running Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems, or Chromebook or Apple mobile devices
    • Configuring web browsers—Settings in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge
  • Network administrators who are familiar with mapping or mounting network drives and creating and running scripts at the user and host level
  • Users who install and run the secure browser from an NComputing server and are familiar with operating that software and related hardware