Options for Distributing SSRs

There are four options for accessing and providing SSRs to parents/guardians. Depending upon an LEA's unique factors, one of the following options may be preferable over another, or an LEA may want to consider a combined approach to providing SSRs to parents/guardians.

  1. Access electronic SSRs using a locally provided parent or student portal
  2. Download SSRs from TOMS and make available electronically via a secure local method
  3. Download SSRs from TOMS, print, and make available locally
  4. Purchase paper SSRs from ETS

Access SSRs Using a Locally Provided Parent or Student Portal

SSRs can be provided electronically using a locally provided parent or student portal.

Establishing Credentials for Secure Transmission of SSRs

To establish a secure connection between TOMS and the LEA’s locally provided parent or student portal, an LEA coordinator must first establish credentials (i.e., a username and password) that can be provided to the LEA’s parent or student portal vendor. Review the SIS Vendor Credentialing Overview section in the TOMS User Guide for additional information about this process.

Information for Parent Portal Vendors

Amazon Web Services (AWS)—with the Amazon Simple Storage Service and the Amazon Key Management Service—provides encrypted access for parents/‌guardians to view their child’s electronic SSR, which is available as a PDF.

Provide the LEA’s parent or student portal vendor with the Application Programming Interface Specifications (Posted 03/30/21) to begin the access process.

Download SSRs from TOMS and Make Available Electronically via a Secure Local Method

SSR PDF files can be downloaded from TOMS and made available to parents/guardians electronically via a secure local method.

Maintaining Security of Student PII

Any method for providing SSRs to parents/guardians electronically must be secure and protect student PII that is contained in the SSRs. Some examples of ways to provide secure electronic SSRs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Password-protect the SSR PDF file, send the file to the parent/guardian via email, and then send the password in a separate email.
  • Use a third-party secure software that provides the parent/guardian access to the SSR PDF file.

Download SSRs from TOMS, Print, and Make Available Locally

SSRs PDF files can be downloaded from TOMS and made available to parents/guardians using a locally determined distribution method. Review the How to Bulk Download Student Score Reports for instructions to complete this process. Detailed instructions are available on CAASPP Student Score Report PDFs subsection in the TOMS User Guide.

Printing Considerations

When printing SSRs locally, be aware of the following details:

  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment or the CAA for ELA or mathematics SSRs are four pages and can be printed on 8.5 × 11 inch paper.
  • CAST, CAA for Science, and CSA SSRs are two pages each and can be printed on 8.5 × 11 inch paper.
  • It is recommended that SSRs be printed two sided and in color.
  • SSRs include the residential address.
  • Printed SSRs can be folded to fit in a standard #10 envelope with a left-side window.

Purchase Paper SSRs from ETS

Paper SSRs can be purchased from ETS and distributed to parents/guardians using a distribution method determined locally. A set includes two copies of the paper SSR—either two in English, or one in English and one in the student’s primary language if that language is Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Filipino, or Korean. This cost includes the printing of the parent/guardian residential address. Contact the LEA’s assigned Success Agent for current fees. Refer to the CAASPP Fee-based Services web page for details about this service.