Technology Infrastructure

Prior to assessment administration, LEA CAASPP coordinators, CAASPP test site coordinators, technology coordinators, test administrators, and test examiners should review the technology infrastructure at their schools to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for administering the CAASPP online assessments.

The Secure Browser

All students must use a secure browser to access operational assessments. Most devices that will be used for testing must be equipped with version 12.5 of the secure browser prior to the assessment. Many devices can use the CAASPP secure browser to secure the device. All testing devices must have the correct secure browser installed prior to assessment.

The secure browser is designed to support test security by prohibiting access to external applications or navigation away from the assessment.

School technology coordinators are responsible for ensuring that each device to be used for testing at the school is properly secured by installing the most current secure browser. Secure browsers are available for download on the Secure Browsers website. Instructions for installing the secure browser on student devices can be found in the CAASPP and ELPAC Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for Online Testing.