Student Data

CALPADS is the authoritative source for student enrollment, demographic, and program information for TOMS. The student-level data from CALPADS will be used for the Smarter Balanced assessments (summative and interim), CAAs, CAST, CSA, as well as the computer-based ELPAC. The use of CALPADS data for these assessments underscores the importance of keeping CALPADS up to date and accurate.

The minimum data that needs to be correct in CALPADS for a student to start testing is as follows:

  • Name
  • Grade
  • School and LEA information
  • CALPADS enrollment status of 10 (primary) or 30 (short-term)
  • U.S. school entry data (if the student is an EL)
  • Parent/Guardian address (to be printed on SSRs)
  • Field 3.13 (education program) (if the student is to take the CAA or receive designated supports, accommodations, unlisted resources, or any combination of these)
  • All other demographic fields (if the LEA wants to view these fields in the final student data file that is downloadable from TOMS)

CALPADS documentation, including field names and field codes, and information about CALPADS support are available on the CDE CALPADS web page.