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Manual Content

The Completion Status interface is a means of viewing test status and completion data for students taking part in CAASPP and the ELPAC. This web-based application enables an authorized LEA CAASPP or ELPAC coordinator, CAASPP or ELPAC test site coordinator, test administrator, or test examiner user to view test progress information for students participating in the computer-based CAASPP and ELPAC.

What’s New in 2021–22

  • Progress for the Alternate ELPAC operational field test is included in the ELPAC data that is reported.
  • Reports for LEAs are available as downloadable Excel spreadsheets or CSV files only; once requested, these are found in the Completion Status inbox.
  • The columns for Remote Session and Secure Browser have been added to the Online Test Progress Report.
  • The columns for Percent Remote Session and Total Student Remote Session have been added to the Test Completion Rates Report.

Organization of the User Guide

This user guide provides information about each of the system features available to authorized users. This user guide is organized as follows:

  • Navigating the Completion Status System provides an overview of the Completion Status system, which enables users to determine which students have completed or need to complete testing, as well as information about how to access Completion Status reports, including logon instructions, LEA- and school-level account differences, and details about the tools available to users.
  • Generating Completion Status Reports includes instructions on generating LEA- and school-level Completion Status reports, with specifics on how to filter these reports by student demographics and testing progress.
  • CAASPP and ELPAC Completion Status Reports Layout describes the features and columns in the on-screen and Excel spreadsheet reports.