The Early Assessment Program

The EAP is a joint collaboration of the CDE, CSU, and participating CCCs. The EAP provides students with an early indicator of their readiness for college-level coursework in written communication and mathematics/quantitative reasoning prior to starting their senior year. The results are used to determine a student’s placement in appropriate coursework once the student has been admitted to the CSU. The release of CAASPP results will not affect a student’s application for admission.

All students participate in the EAP by virtue of completing the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for ELA and mathematics. A student will be asked to authorize the release of their results to the CSU and CCCs. To release the results, students should select the circle that indicates their understanding that CAASPP/EAP results will be shared directly with the CSU, CCC, or both. This question is on the front cover of the paper–pencil answer book.

The release of the ELA and mathematics results must be authorized individually (e.g., authorization for the ELA results does not automatically confer authorization for the mathematics results). Students may voluntarily share results of one or both assessments. Students who choose not to release their results to the CSU and CCC will need to provide their results to a CSU or CCC upon request.