Running NVDA Screen Reader with the Microsoft Take a Test Application for Windows

Users running the Take a Test app and NVDA screen reader version 2018.1.1 at the same time on Windows 10 and 10 in S mode with RS v1709 and v1803 are experiencing the Take a Test app crashing before a test is started. To prevent the Take a Test app from crashing while running the NVDA screen reader 2018.1.1, users should first update Windows 10 and 10 in S mode to at least RS v1809. Windows Updates can be accessed through the Search charm.

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Select the [Settings] button.
  3. Select the [Update & Security] button (figure 1).

    Update & Security button on the Windows Setting screen

    Figure 1. [Update & Security] button

  4. In the Windows Update screen, select the [Check for Updates] button (figure 2).

    Windows Update screen with the 'Check for updates' buttons indicated

    Figure 2. Windows Update screen

  5. If there are updates, select the [Download and install now] link to install any available updates.