Running NVDA Screen Reader with the Microsoft Take a Test Application for Windows

Users running the Take a Test app and NVDA screen reader version 2018.1.1 at the same time on Windows 10 and 10 in S mode with RS v1709 and v1803 are experiencing the Take a Test app crashing before a test is started. To prevent the Take a Test app from crashing while running the NVDA screen reader 2018.1.1, users should first update Windows 10 and 10 in S mode to at least RS v1809. Windows Updates can be accessed through the Search charm.

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Type Windows Update Settings in the Search charm and then press [Enter].
  3. In the Windows Update screen, select the [Check for Updates] button (figure 1).

    Windows Update screen with the Check for Updates button indicated

    Figure 1. Windows Update screen

  4. If there are updates, select the [Download and install now] link to install any available updates.