Interim Assessment Viewing System

What’s New?

Table 1 describes the new features for 2021–22.

Table 1. What’s New

Feature Change
High School grade option added to the grade selection drop-down list A High School grade option has been added to grade selection drop-down list containing all high school IABs.

Viewing System: Overview

The Interim Assessment Viewing System contains all of the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments. It is designed to allow teachers to review all of the interim assessments and understand the types of questions on the IABs, focused IABs, and ICAs as well as the scope of the content on an interim assessment. It also allows teachers to better gauge when to administer a specific interim assessment. This tool is only available to users who have TOMS credentials that allow administration of an interim assessment.

The Interim Assessment Viewing System is available to all educators with roles that allow access to interim assessments. It can be used for professional development and training purposes. It also allows educators to familiarize students with test format and content. In addition, the viewing system may help inform decisions about the selection and assignment of accessibility resources for students. Teachers may share items with students during instruction.

Detailed Instructions

Take the following steps to access the system:

  1. Go to the CAASPP website.
  2. Select the [Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments] button (figure 1).

    CAASPP website with the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments button called out

    Figure 1. CAASPP website

  3. On the Interim Assessment Administration Resources web page, select the [Interim Assessment Viewing System] button (figure 2).

    Interim Assessment Administration Resources web page with the Interim Assessment Viewing System button called out

    Figure 2. [Interim Assessment Viewing System] button

  4. A prompt to log on using TOMS credentials will appear. Once logged on to the viewing system, select a grade level from the drop-down list on the Choose a Test Grade screen (figure 3).

    Choose a Test Grade screen with the Grade drop-down list called out

    Figure 3. Choose a Test Grade screen

  5. A page that lists all the available tests will appear for the grade level selected. Select the test of interest (figure 4).

    Choose a Test Grade screen with the Grade drop-down list called out. Results shown

    Figure 4. Available Tests screen

  6. The Audio/Video Checks screen allows users to verify the functioning of any audio and video feature that any of the test items may include. Unmute device speakers to hear the sound, if necessary. Select the [Play] icon () (figure 5).

    Audio/Video Checks screen with Play called out

    Figure 5. Audio/Video Checks screen

  7. Select [I could play the video and sound] and then select [Continue] to move to the first page of the test. It is not necessary for audio to be present for educators to view the test.

To navigate through the test items, educators will use the [Back] and [Next] buttons. Educators may enter item responses in the viewing system; however, the responses will be deleted after logging off.