Interim Assessment Administration: Overview

This section contains information on how to

  • select, administer, and monitor interim assessments;
  • set the manner of administration;
  • verify students’ accessibility resource settings and approve students for testing;
  • understand the student testing interface; and
  • report a security compromise to the LEA CAASPP coordinator. (The STAIRS process is not used to report incidents for CAASPP interim assessments.)

What’s New

  • There are 38 new Focused IABs released for the 2021–22 admin year.
  • ICA performance task expiration is 15 calendar days. Formerly, performance tasks expired after 10 calendar days.

Quick Start Instructions

  1. Ensure that the latest secure browser has been installed on all student testing devices. If testing is part of distance learning, refer to the resources available on the Interim Assessment Administration Resources web page.
  2. Prepare student logon cards, which will contain each student’s name and SSID.
  3. Go to the CAASPP website and select the [Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments] button and then select the [Test Administrator Interface for All Online Tests] button. Log on by entering the username and password on the Logon screen and selecting the [Secure Logon] button.
    1. Select the assessments to make them available to the students.
    2. Designate the manner of administration for the test session.
    3. Create a test session and generate a Session ID. Display the Session ID for student use.
    4. Have students log on using the secure browser and then select their assessment.
    5. Review the test selection, student accessibility settings, and the Manner of Administration setting, and then approve the student(s) for testing.
    6. Monitor student progress.
    7. Stop or log off a test session.

More detailed procedures are outlined in the subsections that follow.

Overview of the TA Interface

Figure 1 contains numbered callouts on a screen capture of the TA Interface landing page. The numbers and screen elements they identify follow the image.

TA Interface landing page with called out information explained in following list

Figure 1. TA Interface landing page

  1. [Student Lookup] button: This button searches for student information that has been entered.
  2. [Approved Requests] button: This button displays a list of print requests approved during the current session.
  3. [Print Session] button: This button prints the current test session, with all students in the session, as it currently appears on the screen.
  4. [Help Guide] button: This button displays the Online Test Administrator Reference Guide.
  5. [Alerts] button: This button displays statewide alert messages from the CDE (e.g., a network issue of which LEAs should be aware).
  6. [Logout] button: This button logs the user off the TA Interface.
  7. [Stop Session] button: This button ends the test session. (This button is available only after the test session has been started.)
  8. Session ID: This feature displays the unique ID generated for the test session. (This feature is available only after the test session has been started.)
  9. [Select Tests] button: This button opens the Test Selection window.
  10. [Approvals (#)] button: This button opens the Approvals and Student Test Settings window. (This button is available only after the test session has been started.)
  11. [Refresh] icon [()]: This icon updates the on-screen information.
  12. Students in your Operational Test Session table: This table displays the testing progress for students in the current test session. (This table is available only after the test session has been started.)
  13. Progress Bar: This bar displays the testing progress for students in the current test session.

Test Expiration

The interim assessments use the same test expiration rules as the summative online assessments. After the student begins testing, the

  • performance tasks (both for the ICAs and IABs) will expire in 15 calendar days; and
  • computer-based tests (ICAs and the non–performance task IABs) will expire in 45 calendar days.

If a student is unable to return to and complete the test before it expires, the partial test will be scored and reported to CERS only if the assessment does not contain an item that requires hand scoring. For interim assessments that contain hand scored items, hand scoring must be completed and submitted to produce results in CERS.

Alert (or Crisis) Papers

All CAASPP assessment responses, including those made on interim assessments, are processed to capture student responses that warrant an LEA’s immediate attention. Examples include responses in which a student indicates or suggests that the student is experiencing or has experienced some kind of physical or emotional abuse or neglect, that the student may cause harm to self or others, or that the student is experiencing severe distress.

The processing application flags certain words in the response that may identify a potential alert and scans any text a student enters in the TDS, including in the Notes field. If a student response is identified as being a potential alert paper, ETS notifies the student’s LEA superintendent and LEA CAASPP coordinator.