Summative ELPAC Student Eligibility and Assessment Participation

Participation Requirements

The Summative ELPAC measures an EL student’s progress toward ELP.

All students who are identified as ELs and who are enrolled in a California public school between February 1 and May 31 must take the Summative ELPAC. All students classified as ELs in CALPADS must continue to be tested annually during the Summative ELPAC administration window until they are reclassified as fluent English proficient based on the guidelines for reclassification established by the CDE. This includes ELs with disabilities. Confirm that the LEA’s CALPADS data is current before testing. Only students who are ELs should be administered the Summative ELPAC.

Accessibility Resources

The computer-based platform of the ELPAC has provided a variety of innovative universal tools that are embedded in the test delivery engine as well as a variety of designated supports and accommodations to support all students, including those with special assessment needs. For more information about these accessibility resources and to assist ELPAC users in implementing them, the following resources are available:

Based on ongoing evaluation of testing data, grades three through twelve students are taking a longer time to input responses in the Writing domain than anticipated. To minimize the testing burden placed on students, consider using the Technology Readiness Checker for Students tool to evaluate whether a student could benefit from having a Designated Interface Assistant support available to assist with typing Writing item responses. The TRCS tool is linked on the ELPAC website and the How to Use the Technology Readiness Checker for Students and Technology Readiness Checker for Students Support Guidelines are available on the ELPAC Resources web page.

Finally, additional accessibility resources are available on the ELPAC Accessibility Resources web page as well as on the CDE ELPAC web page.