Superintendent Role

Superintendents are the first role to be assigned in TOMS for both the ELPAC and CAASPP assessments. The superintendent is responsible for completing the Superintendent Designation in TOMS. Once the superintendent role has been established, the LEA ELPAC coordinator can be assigned. Shortly thereafter, the superintendent will receive instructions to assign the LEA CAASPP coordinator role.

To complete the Superintendent Designation, the superintendent must complete both the Test Security Agreement and the Test Security Affidavit.

The LEA ELPAC coordinator must be assigned no later than April 1. The LEA CAASPP coordinator must be assigned by July 1. For support in designating the superintendent, contact CalTAC by phone at 800-955-2954 or by email at

The Primary Coordinator Designation Missing Alert as displayed for Superintendent on logon.

Figure 1. Primary Coordinator Designation Missing Alert

The superintendent role is also responsible for adding the technology director and the special education director. While the addition of the technology director and the special education director is not mandatory, having these individuals identified in TOMS will allow for the appropriate personnel to receive communications regarding their respective areas. For directions on how to add or edit user roles for technology director and special education director, refer to Add or Edit Contacts.