What’s New for the Summative ELPAC in 2021–22


  • LEA ELPAC coordinators will be able to access all forms of the DFAs in TOMS. Site ELPAC coordinators and test examiners will only have access to the DFAs for the form assigned to their school and the Braille/Visual Impairment DFA.
  • The Speaking domain instructions have been rearranged so that the anchor chart comes after the item for each task type.
  • The Speaking domain Summarize an Academic Presentation task type for grades one through twelve now contains one science-based item and one history/social science–based item.
  • The Speaking domain logon instructions in the kindergarten through grade two DFAs have been placed before the start of the Speaking test.
  • In the Writing domain instructions for kindergarten through grade two, some rubric and anchor samples have been added to assist the test examiner in determining if the test should be ended at the stopping marker.
  • In the Listening, Reading, and Writing domain instructions for grades three through twelve, instructions have been added to provide guidance for test examiners to know when to stop testing students who require one-on-one administration.


Test Assignment

  • A student who has been assigned to the Alternate ELPAC Operational Field Test will be automatically assigned to the CAA and vice versa, if applicable. Students assigned to the Alternate ELPAC Operational Field Test cannot be assigned to the Summative ELPAC.
  • If a student’s ELAS changes to non-EL after starting a domain, the student will not be able to continue testing. The student is no longer eligible to test in the Summative ELPAC and need not continue testing. Non-EL students will not be reported if they do not complete and submit all four domains. However, non-EL students will be reported as “EL” and will be reported as tested if they completed and submitted all four domains.

MyTOMS At a Glance Dashboard

  • The Summative ELPAC Test Status By Domain widget will display the scoring status of kindergarten through grade twelve Speaking TDS and DEI.
  • The To-Do List will remind LEAs to finish entering kindergarten through grade twelve Speaking scores in the DEI if they have completed Speaking domain testing in the TDS.

Notifications Dashboard

  • When the SSRs and LEA student score data files are available to the LEAs, a one-time dashboard notification will be posted to the LEA Notifications dashboard.

LEA Reports

  • The Student Completion Status Report and Student Completion Status Summary Report now include the DEI entry information for the Speaking domain. LEAs will be able to determine whether students were administered the Speaking domain and whether scores were entered into the DEI.
    • The report will continue to include testing status for the Listening, Reading, and Writing domains.
    • The report will continue to include the status of K–2 Writing Answer Books processed. The report will show the testing status as “completed” for the paper-based test materials that have been processed.

Student Profile Reporting Screen

  • The SSR language selection for a student will be locked at the end of the testing window.
  • Authorized LEA users will be able to request electronic SSRs in English and a preferred language for an individual student or multiple students using a bulk upload file.
  • The deadline for requesting video SSRs is the end of the testing window.

STAIRS and Appeals

  • New incident selection options for remote test sessions have been added under the Administration Error and Validity Issue testing issues.
  • The Administered Incorrect Assessment testing issue now includes incident selection options if the current ELAS has affected the student’s eligibility for the assessment.

Test Administration and Scoring Applications

Test Administrator Interface

  • The test examiner must select the appropriate radio button for in-person testing or the remote-hybrid button if testing remotely.

Data Entry Interface

  • LEAs must complete DEI entry and submit the tests, including any Reset or Re-open Appeals, for all students in the LEA before the end of the testing window (May 31, 2022).

Test Delivery System

  • The text on the stopping marker screen has been revised to deter test examiners from ending the test early unless the student has not responded to any questions or answered any questions correctly up to this point (figure 1).

    Sample of the revised stopping marker screen in the test delivery system

    Figure 1. Stopping Marker screen in TDS

Accessibility Resources

  • The ISAAP Tool now includes the speech-to-text embedded accommodation.
  • The amplification embedded designated support and speech-to-text non-embedded accommodation supports have been removed from the ISAAP Tool for the Summative ELPAC.
  • Annual updates have been made to the California Assessment Accessibility Resources Matrix, mainly to the embedded and non-embedded speech-to-text accommodation.