This 2021–22 Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California Test Administration Manual provides information and instructions about test preparation and in-person administration of the computer-based ELPAC, as well as the paper-based test for the Writing domain for students in kindergarten through grade two. The intended users of this manual are staff who play a role in the administration of the Summative ELPAC, including LEA ELPAC coordinators, site ELPAC coordinators, ELPAC test examiners, and proctors.

Additional information and instructions about remote administration of the Summative ELPAC will be provided closer to the start of the testing window.

For specific questions not addressed in this manual, test examiners can contact their site ELPAC coordinator; site ELPAC coordinators can contact their LEA ELPAC coordinator; and LEA ELPAC coordinators can contact CalTAC. When administering the Summative ELPAC in person, follow the instructions and criteria laid out in this manual. For additional queries, the LEA ELPAC coordinator should contact CalTAC by phone at 800-955-2954, by email at caltac@ets.org, or by using the chat function linked on the ELPAC website.

The CDE ELPSA office is available for assistance with questions related to the ELPAC program policy requirements. For ELPAC policy questions, the LEA ELPAC coordinator should contact the ELPSA office by email at elpac@cde.ca.gov.