Download the Secure Browser

The secure browser is a program on a student’s device—for example, a desktop PC, laptop, or tablet—that will allow a student to take CAASPP and ELPAC tests. If a student doesn’t have access to a school or district-owned device with the Secure Browser already installed, the secure browser will need to be installed on a personal device to allow for testing at home. When the secure browser is running, it is the only program allowed to be open during testing. The secure browser does not access any personal information on the computer and can be uninstalled once the student has completed testing.

Select the type of device (either Windows, Mac, or iPad) from the list in the sidebar to download the secure browser and the instructions on installing the program. If using a Mac computer, you will have to choose the page that matches your current operating system (either Big Sur/MacOS 11+ or an older version). If you aren’t sure which operating system you have, visit the Apple Support website.

Currently, taking tests remotely with the secure browser will only work on Windows or Mac computers and iPads running iPadOS 14.3+. If you have questions about installing the secure browser for your device, contact your child’s school for support.