Technology Needed for the Remote Administration of Computer-based Assessments

Test administrators or examiners should be familiar with both the student testing interface and the Test Administrator Interface. Students should be familiar with the student testing interface.

The minimum technical requirements for students and test administrators or examiners are as follows:

  • A computer or tablet meeting the minimum operating system requirements
  • A monitor or screen large enough for comfortable reading
  • A mouse or touch screen
  • A webcam or camera for video monitoring
  • A microphone
  • A speaker or headphones
  • Internet access with a minimum capability of 24 Kbps (To test the speed of the internet, users can access
  • Required assistive devices, if applicable

For more information about technical requirements for testing, please refer to the 2020–2021 CAASPP and ELPAC Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for Online Testing.