Initial ELPAC Remote Paper–Pencil Administration

Remote paper–pencil administration is the least secure administration option and poses the most challenges. This method of testing should be used only when the other two methods are not possible to use, and only for Initial ELPAC assessments for the remainder of the 2020–21 administration year.


For students to be assessed in this manner, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Local educational agencies (LEAs) will need to enter the student’s responses into the Data Entry Interface (DEI). Please remember this requires each student response be entered for the Listening and Reading domains.
  • Students will need access, at a minimum, to a smart phone for test examiners (TEs) to communicate with the student during the assessment.
  • TEs will need to access the audio files within TOMS.
  • TEs will need a copy of the Examiner’s Manuals and Answer Book when proctoring the assessment.
  • TEs and the student will need to be able to use a video communication application such as Facetime or Google Duo. TEs must be able to see the student and the room in which the testing takes place.

Running the Assessment

Arrange a time to call the student. If possible, the assessment should be done via Facetime, Google Duo, or some other LEA-approved phone application. This will allow for some test security since TEs will be able to see the student taking the assessment.

Once connected via phone, read the instructions and proctor the assessment as if TEs were in the room with the student. Alter instructions as needed. If the directions say to point to an item, guide the student to ensure that the student is looking at the correct portion of the assessment.

Be prepared to share audio over the phone for the Listening domain. Play the audio with the phone as close to the speaker as possible.

For the Speaking domain, TEs will not be able to capture the audio. Score the Speaking responses during the assessment and then enter the scores into the DEI.

Once the assessment has been completed, guide the student, parent, or guardian through placing all material into the return envelope provided by the LEA. The student, parent, or guardian will need to seal the envelope while still on the video call with the TE.

The parent or guardian will return the material based on instructions provided by the LEA.

Completing the Assessment

LEAs planning to administer the paper–pencil Initial ELPAC for the 2020–21 administration year can send a cumulative list of SSIDs to ETS by emailing the 2020–21 Initial ELPAC PPT SSID Template to by end of day every Friday. These students will be registered for the paper–pencil version of the Initial ELPAC and cannot be administered the computer-based Initial ELPAC.