Technical Requirements

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Approved Web Browsers—California Educator Reporting System

Reports from the California Educator Reporting System (CERS) are designed to be viewed using standard up-to-date web browsers running on most available hardware. Be sure to use the correct combination of operating system and web browser (table 1).

Table 1. Operating System and Web browser  Combinations.

Operating SystemsApproved Web Browsers
Windows 8.0 (Professional and Enterprise) Chrome 83+ and Firefox 60+
Windows 8.1 (Professional and Enterprise) Chrome 83+ and Firefox 60+
Windows 10 and 10 in S mode (Professional, Educational, and Enterprise)
  • Versions 1809–2004
Chrome 84+, Firefox 60+, and Edge 83+
Windows Server
  • 2012 R2
  • 2016 R2 (thin client)
Chrome 83+ and Firefox 60+
  •  Mac Versions 10.11–10.16
Chrome 83+, Firefox 60+, and Safari 11+
Linux Fedora LTS (Gnome)
  • Versions 30–31
Chrome 83+ and Firefox 60+
Linux Ubuntu LTS (Gnome)
  • Version 16.04
  • Version 18.04
  • Version 20.04
Chrome 83+ and Firefox 60+
iOS/iPadOS 12.4 Safari 12
iOS/iPadOS  13.4 Safari 13
Chrome OS 83+ Chrome 83+

Otherwise, for CERS users, the technical requirements for viewing reports do not exceed or extend the technology readiness requirements established by Smarter Balanced. CERS is intended to be accessed from a computer or tablet.

All students taking an interim assessment in the classroom will need access to a computer that has the Secure Browser version 12 installed. These requirements can be found on the CAASPP website after selecting the [Resources] tab in the navigation bar and then [Technology Resources] or by accessing the CAASPP and ELPAC Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for Online Testing.