Single Sign-On—Systems

SSO allows a user to have a single set of credentials to access all the California assessment–related systems, including CERS, Smarter Balanced Tools for Teachers, and the IAIP. Users can log on to the individual systems through the CAASPP and ELPAC websites and can also transition between most systems once they are logged on to a system. In TOMS, hyperlinks to these systems can be found under the [Links] tab in the top navigation bar.

LEA staff who do not need access to California assessment–related systems but, instead, require only access to the Smarter Balanced Tools for Teachers can select the [Smarter Balanced Tools for Teachers] button available on the CAASPP website to access the Smarter Balanced Tools for Teachers web page to register. LEA staff need an LEA domain to self-register. Public email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo will not work with this feature.

Following are the California assessment systems available through the SSO.

User Roles, Including Permissions, Provided Through TOMS

All users must enter their SSO username and password to log on to the California assessment systems via TOMS. User registration to view student test results and downloads is processed in TOMS.

TOMS System Access for CAASPP and ELPAC Users is shown in table 1, table 2, and table 3.

Table 1. TOMS Access for CAASPP Users—Part 1

Systems Permissions LEA Coordinator Site Coordinator Test Administrator Test Examiner
TA Interface All CAASPP All CAASPP All CAASPP, excluding CAAs All CAASPP
Completion Status Entire LEA Site Level Site Level Site Level
Interim Assessment Viewing System Yes Yes Yes Yes
IAHSS Yes Yes Yes Yes
CERS Entire LEA Site Level Roster Site Level Roster Site Level
Practice and Training Tests Yes Yes Yes Yes

Table 2. TOMS System Access for CAASPP Users—Part 2

Systems Permissions Interim Assessments Only District Educator Site Educator Educator—Roster
TA Interface Interim assessments No No No
Completion Status Site Level Entire LEA Site Level Site Level
Interim Assessment Viewing System Yes No No No
IAHSS Yes No No No
CERS Roster site level Entire LEA Site level Roster site level
Practice and Training Tests Yes No No No

Table 3. TOMS System Access for ELPAC Users

System Permissions LEA Coordinator Site Coordinator Test Examiner
TA Interface Summative ELPAC Summative ELPAC Summative ELPAC
Completion Status LEA level Site level Site level
Interim Assessment Viewing System Yes Yes Yes
Teacher Hand Scoring System Yes Yes Yes
CERS Entire LEA Site level Roster site level
Practice and Training Tests ELPAC only ELPAC only ELPAC only

Test Types and Results

The Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments are online tests that provide educators with information necessary to guide instruction and support student learning. Two types of interim assessments are available: ICAs and IABs.

  • ICAs are built on the same blueprints as the original full form Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments. The ICAs include the same item types and formats, including performance tasks, as the summative assessments and yield results on the same vertical scale.
  • IABs focus on smaller sets of targets (one to eight) and therefore provide more detailed information for instructional purposes. The IABs yield overall information for each block.
  • Focused IABs fall under the umbrella of IABs and assess one to three targets. They are called out specifically in this user guide only when there are differences.

The interim assessments are aligned with grade-level content in ELA and mathematics for grades three through eleven. LEAs have the flexibility to administer any interim assessment to any student irrespective of the student’s enrolled grade.

Interim assessment results are generally available within 20 minutes after all scoring—including hand scoring—has been completed.

  • A minimal delay may occur when there are high testing volumes during the summative testing window and when responses are flagged during quality assurance checks.
  • If an interim assessment (ICA or IAB) requires hand scoring, then the hand scoring must be completed and submitted before student results will be generated in CERS.
  • Hand scoring of interim assessments is a local responsibility.

Security Requirement

In California, the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments are available only to educators in California LEAs. (Nonpublic school educators who provide direct instruction to California public school students may also have access.)

The interim assessments are not for public use, display, or distribution. Interim assessment items must not be copied into third-party systems without the permission of Smarter Balanced. Any use, display, or distribution of the interim assessments that results in access to individuals beyond LEA staff and students is considered a security compromise. In the event of a security compromise, LEA staff should notify their LEA CAASPP coordinator immediately. Immediate action should be taken to contain and limit the scope of the compromise by collecting and destroying any hard copy or electronic materials containing test content.

Resources and Training

All LEA and school staff involved in the administration of the interim assessments may visit the CAASPP website for links to all CAASPP manuals and guides as well as other resources such as the Practice and Training Test website, the TA Interface, secure browsers, and Tools for Teachers. The CDE Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments web page also has many valuable resources.

Other resources include the following:

  • Interim Assessment Viewing SystemThe Interim Assessment Viewing System contains all of the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments. It is designed to allow teachers to see the interim assessments and understand the types of questions on the IABs, focused IABs, and the ICAs and the scope of the content on an interim assessment. It allows teachers to better gauge when to administer a specific interim assessment.
  • Interim Assessment Administration ResourcesThis web page contains many resources to assist test administrators in the administration of the interim assessments, including links to access the following:
    • Interim Assessment Item Portal
    • Interim Assessment User Guide (this manual)
    • Interim Assessment Reporting System Sandbox User Guide
    • Reporting System Sandbox
    • Guide to CAASPP and ELPAC Completion Status
    • Quick Reference Guide: How to Access the Interim Assessment Viewing System
    • 2021–22 Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments At-a-Glance
    • 2021–22 Interim Assessments by Grade
  • Hand Scoring Training Guides and Exemplars—These materials consist of rubrics and example responses to assist educators in hand scoring the constructed-response items as well as the performance tasks. They can be found in TOMS; log on and choose the [Resources] tab in the top navigation bar. Then, choose Interim Assessment Secure Materials—Hand Scoring Training Guides under Available Materials. These same materials are also available via the CAASPP Interim Assessment Administration Resources web page. Select the [Hand Scoring Training Guides and Exemplars] button at the center of the page and follow the previous directions for accessing these resources within TOMS.
  • CDE Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments web page—This web page provides LEAs with interim assessment information and resources for planning and implementation of ICAs, IABs, and focused IABs. Resources on this page include the Interim Assessment Blueprints, Interim Assessments Fact Sheet, At-a-Glance documents, Interim Assessments Overview, Interim Assessment Video Series, and Interim Assessment FAQs.
  • 2020–21 Interim Assessments by GradeThis document provides a list of all interim assessments available by grade level, including the claims and targets, total number of items, and the number of items that are hand scored. This information is intended to assist LEAs in planning for the administration and local hand scoring of the interim assessments.
  • Administration Guides for LEA CAASPP and LEA ELPAC Coordinators and CAASPP and ELPAC Test Site Coordinators
  • Accessibility Resources for LEA CAASPP and LEA ELPAC Coordinators and CAASPP and ELPAC Test Site Coordinators—Additional resources can also be found on the CDE CA Assessment Accessibility Resources Matrix web page as well as on the CAASPP Student Accessibility Resources and Test Settings web page, where links include the following:

Figure 1 presents a flow diagram of the interim assessment administration, scoring, and reporting process. All users who are to administer tests must have current administration-year TOMS credentials with roles that allow administration of an interim assessment. Student test settings and accessibility resources should be set in TOMS prior to administering an interim assessment.

The flow diagram begins with Identity Management in the CAASPP website. From there, Identity Management flows in two different directions (to the right and downward).

  • The path to the Test Administrator Interface provides access to all CAASPP online assessments, including the summative, interim, and alternate assessments. For the Interim Assessments, the data moves to the test delivery system and the Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System, which users access to score student responses to hand scored items. Machine and hand scored data flows to the CERS, where users can access interim assessment results.
  • The path from Identity Management in the CAASPP website feeds data directly into TOMS, which flows to the Test Administrator Interface.
  • Note that both CALPADS and Identity Management feed into TOMS.

    IA Overall flow diagram. Please refer to the previous text to describe the flow.

    Figure 1. Interim Assessments: Overall flow diagram