Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System: Overview

What’s New

Table 1 describes the new features for 2021–22.

Table 1. What’s New

Feature Change
Static column headers Column headers will remain when scorers scroll down to view available responses.
Time stamp display of when a response is received Date and time are shown under the Date Received column each time a response is received in the hand scoring system.

The IAHSS allows educators to score student responses to items that require hand scoring. When students in a test session submit an interim assessment, the items that require hand scoring are sent to the IAHSS, where scorers can view students’ responses to each item and enter scores or mark them with condition codes. Items that require hand scoring must be scored in the IAHSS for results to be displayed in CERS.

Hand scoring interim assessments is a local responsibility. To plan adequate time for hand scoring of interim assessments, it is a good idea to preview the IAB or ICA of interest using the Interim Assessment Viewing System, which can be accessed from the CAASPP Interim Assessment Administration Resources web page. The Interim Assessment Viewing System allows educators with the appropriate TOMS credentials to view all of the interim assessments—both ICAs and IABs—and develop an estimate of the time required for hand scoring.

This section contains information on how to do the following:

  • Understand IAHSS user roles
  • Access the IAHSS
  • Select item responses to score
  • Score item responses
  • Mark item responses as complete
  • Apply condition codes

Quick Start Instructions

  1. Navigate to the CAASPP website, select the [Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments] button, and then select the [Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System] button.
  2. Log on by entering the TOMS username and password on the Logon screen and selecting the [Secure Logon] button.
  3. Select item responses to score.
  4. Score item responses.
  5. Reassign items (optional).
  6. Mark as complete.

More detailed procedures are outlined in the Using the IAHSS subsection.