Appendix B. Register Users in TOMS for Permissions to the California Educator Reporting System

This appendix contains instructions for LEA CAASPP and ELPAC coordinators to register authorized users to ensure access to CERS. Before assigning any permissions to LEA or school staff, the LEA coordinator should read and carefully consider the information provided in the Data Security and Privacy section of this user guide.

Registration of users for the CERS is completed through the TOMS interface. The instructions in this appendix should be used in coordination with the instructions in the TOMS User Guide for creating user accounts to access the Smarter Balanced Tools for Teachers website and CERS.

Manage User Roles

LEA CAASPP coordinators and LEA ELPAC coordinators are designated and provided access to TOMS by the Superintendent. After being designated and logging on to TOMS, LEA coordinators are prompted to sign the Test Security Agreement form and the Test Security Affidavit form. (More information about these forms can be found in the Security Agreements and Security Affidavits article of the CAASPP and ELPAC TOMS User Guide.) Once given access to TOMS, the LEA coordinator will be able to provide access for other authorized LEA personnel.

LEA coordinators can create user accounts only for users who are within their LEA. User accounts cannot be created for a higher level or for an LEA or institution to which they do not belong. For example, if the user belongs to LEA “A,” user accounts can only be created in LEA “A” at the LEA level or lower.

User Roles in CERS Provided Through TOMS

Access to CERS and Tools for Teachers is managed through user roles assigned in TOMS. Users are automatically provided access to CERS and Tools for Teachers based on their role in TOMS.

LEAs should take care when assigning “site-based” roles (i.e., Site CAASPP Coordinator, Site ELPAC Coordinator, and Educator - Test Site), since these roles allow access to all interim and summative assessments results for an entire school (site).

Please ensure that student PII is made available only to appropriate users.

Add New Users

A user must be added to TOMS to gain access to the various systems. For instructions on how to add new users into TOMS, refer either to the Add Users Individually article or to the Add Users via Bulk Upload article in the TOMS User Guide.

Viewing and Revising Roles for an Existing User

For instructions on how to view or update roles for existing users into TOMS, refer to the View and Edit Existing Users article in the TOMS User Guide.