Important News and Updates
(Last Updated 10/20/20)

Initial ELPAC Extension Approved

We are pleased to announce that Senate Bill 820 was approved and signed by Governor Newsom. This bill allows for a 45-day extension to the Initial ELPAC 30-calendar-day requirement. Local educational agencies will now have a total of 75 calendar days to administer the 2020–21 Initial ELPAC, officially score it, and provide the results to parents and guardians.

For full text of the bill, visit the California Legislative Information website. The Delayed Assessment Letter Template for Student Cumulative Files has been updated to reflect the 45-day extension and is available for LEAs to adapt and add to students' cumulative file if the Initial ELPAC assessment was delayed or not administered due to the pandemic.

New DFA information for K–2

The addenda to the Directions for Administration (DFAs) are now available to better support consistent remote administration of the Read-Along Story with Scaffolding test items. In the addenda, the instructions for items that ask students to identify the first word of a story or the direction in which the text should be read have been adapted for remote test administration.

The DFA addenda are available on the ELPAC Administration and Scoring Moodle Training Site.

Current Guidelines from the CDPH

Per current, August 27, 2020, California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines, all districts are permitted to bring students into a school or district facility for the purpose of assessments. For more details, visit CDPH’s web page at Guidance for Small Cohorts/Groups of Children and Youth. More information can be found in the FAQ for the CDPH.

LEAs are reminded to always follow current local and state guidelines for COVID-19. Please visit the CDPH's COVID-19 page for complete documentation.

Help Us Help You

The CDE and ETS understand that each LEA is unique. We ask that if you have any suggestions on other means to administer assessments, please let us know. You can reach out to us with any suggestions by emailing

It is requested that LEAs clear any other means of administration with ETS prior to implementing so that we can ensure that security measures are being met.