Appendix F: Guidelines for Student Response Entry into the DEI

All student responses must be entered into the DEI. Additionally, students with disabilities have the option to use accommodations for providing responses on this assessment. These accommodations allow students with disabilities to provide oral responses, taped responses, or written responses on paper besides the answer booklet provided with the assessment. These responses are then entered into the DEI so they can be scored. Refer to the CAASPP DEI User Guide for instructions and additional information about entering student responses into the DEI.

The following guidelines must be followed to ensure accurate and fair transcription of student responses:

  • All test materials and student responses are to be considered secure and confidential.
  • Transcribers should be impartial and have no vested interest in student scores.
  • Personnel entering student responses into the DEI must have submitted an electronically signed CAASPP Test Security Affidavit in the Test Operations Management System.
  • Transcriptions of student responses must be identical to what the student provides, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If a student provides an incomplete response, the transcription must match that incomplete response exactly.
  • When transcription is complete, student responses must be packaged for return to the testing contractor. Do not dispose of student responses by placing them in the trash.
  • Only persons who know braille should transcribe braille responses.
  • For braille, transcriptions should be proofread by a second impartial party to confirm accuracy. For cases where students have provided a graphic in a response, two transcribers should collaborate to transfer the response.