Appendix E: Administering the Braille Version of the Summative Assessment

The directions in this manual also apply to the administration of the braille versions of the Smarter Balanced summative assessments and the CAST. Additional braille instructions are as follows:

  • References to specific page numbers in the Student Test Booklet may be incorrect for the braille version. To supply the correct page numbers and other references, test administrators should review—prior to testing—all test materials that accompany the Braille Test Booklet.
  • Follow the procedures in the General Test Administration Information section in this manual regarding the marking of demographic information. Additionally, the student’s name, test administrator, and school must be printed on the front cover of each Braille Test Booklet.
  • Because extra time may be needed for administering the braille version, it is recommended that students be tested individually or in a small-group setting.
  • The student responses must be transcribed onto the Student Answer Booklet exactly as provided by the student if they are being entered into an answer booklet. When a student using braille responds by pointing to the answers or giving a verbal response in English only, the test administrator is permitted during the course of test administration to fill in student responses on the Student Answer Booklet. When a student using braille responds by using a braille writer or by marking answers in the Test Booklet, the procedures for transcribing student responses detailed in the Appendix F: Guidelines for Student Response Entry into the DEI section of this manual should be followed. In each instance, the test administrator must provide written affirmation to the CAASPP test site coordinator that student responses have been completed on the Student Answer Booklet with fidelity. Under no circumstances should a student’s answer be altered or edited—to do so is a direct violation of test security.
  • Keep the transcribed Student Answer Booklet with the other used Student Answer Booklets from the student’s class.