Appendix C: Item Types

Item and Response Types

Students engaging with the Smarter Balanced and CAST assessments will be given test questions that require the students to respond in several ways, some of which may be new to the students.

There are resources for teachers and students to use to get ready for the test, including sample items at the beginning of the test. The sample items will be administered by test administrators prior to the beginning of each test; completing these items will provide students with an opportunity to view and practice each of the item types.

Summary of Item Types and How to Provide Responses

Table 1 lists the different item types and briefly describes each one.

Table 1. Item and Scoring Types

Item Types Brief Description of Item Type
Multiple-choice, single-correct response Three- and four-option multiple-choice
Multiple-choice, multiple-correct select response Multiple-options selected responses
Grid in Numeric values entered in a grid
Two-part multiple-choice, with evidence-based responses Four-option multiple-choice followed by another four- to six-option multiple-choice using evidence
Matching-table response Respond to a series of two to four statements or questions and mark a response for each
Short-text response A brief written response of one or two paragraphs
Full write A multiparagraph written response or essay; also referred to as the writing extended response
Constructed-response items Write equations, plot points, fill in tables, provide brief written explanations, etc.