Troubleshoot Issues During Testing

This subsection describes how to troubleshoot some situations in which a student cannot connect to a test.

Resolving Secure Browser Error Messages

This section provides possible resolutions for the following messages that students may receive when signing in.

  • Unsupported Browser/OS Combination: This message occurs when the online testing system cannot determine if the student is taking the test through the correct secure browser. To resolve this issue, ensure the latest version of the secure browser is installed and that the student launched the secure browser instead of a standard web browser. If the latest version of the secure browser is already running, then log the student off, restart the device, and try again.
  • Unable to Establish a Connection with the Test Delivery System: This message occurs when the secure browser cannot connect to the TDS. This is most likely to occur if there is a network-related problem. The easiest thing to check is if the network cable is plugged in (for wired connections) or if the Wi-Fi connection is live (for wireless connections). Also check if the secure browser must use specific proxy settings; if so, those settings must be part of the command that launches the secure browser. Finally, verify that a firewall allows access to the TDS.
  • Test Environment Is Not Secure: This message can occur when the secure browser detects a forbidden application running on the device (refer to the subsection Security of the Test Environment). If this message appears on an iPad, ensure that Assessment Mode is enabled. Refer to the CAASPP and ELPAC Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for Online Testing or contact the technology coordinator.